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by Ms. Johnston at Citysearch – 11/04/11

“Very pleasant experience”

I visited this clinic today for Botox injections and I had to let you all know that it was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had at a doctors office. The front staff, Patti in particular, were extremely helpful and courteous. I was in and out in approximately 15 minutes, and did not feel rushed, but felt that I was important and an individual. I find a positive experience such as this, unfortunately, rarely happens in doctors offices, especially when it is for a discounted service.

Thank you for making my appointment a pleasure and I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone who asks.

by merchant790412 at Citysearch – 10/26/11

“Best place in town to get Botox”

The Golden Clinic is offering Botox at a very competitive price, with lots of experience and excellent patient satisfaction. It is truly a one-stop place for all of your cosmetic needs.

They also offer other fine face services such as Juvederm fillers, microdemabrasion, face peels, eye lash growers and much more! I have only heard great things about the Golden Clinic.

by charmgirl at Citysearch – 10/24/11

“Love my BOTOX!!!!”

Thank you Dr. Golden for allowing me to do Botox for the first time. I have always wanted to try it but the cost was too much for me to justify for trying something new. Because of the price point, I was able to try it. Dr. Golden was very gentle and explained everything that I needed to know.

Now I see why people are so crazy about Botox. My lines are almost gone after just one visit.

I can not say thank you enough to the staff and Dr. Golden for treating me so well.

I would definately go back and recommend this office to others.

by peachgal at Citysearch – 09/26/11

“Anti aging help”

Fat seems to come hand in hand with aging. I came in to do a spot check on my abs and thighs. I have had lipo in the past but the technology has really changed. I had just a wee bit of bruising but nothing like the literal “beating” I had in the past. The best part, no anesthesia, which I consider poison. I also found a doctor that will help with the latest anti aging therapies. Hey,the office staff are on the ball as well. They tell it is with wisdom and wit.

by JoBest at Citysearch – 07/25/11

“Water Lipo”

This is three weeks now since I had my water lipo procedure and I must say it was an extremely pleasant and rewarding experience. Dr Golden, Julie and Patti are very friendly, professional and kind! From my consultation visit to the day of the actual procedure I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. As with any procedure, there was some apprehension, but I got through it with the encouragement of Julie and Patti. Everything they told me to do, before and after the procedure, I did and I had not problems at all. As a matter of fact I did not take the valium on the day of the procedure and drove myself home afterward. After a few days, i notice that the fatty areas in my back had already began to smooth out and even though I still have some swelling, I have lost about an inch from my waistline. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is thinking of liposuction. It is defitinely not as invasive and the recovery time is much shorter. Overall I am very happy and I can’t wait to see my new body in 6 months.

by Howell1999 at Citysearch – 07/09/11

“HCG Diet”

I can’t say enough about Dr. Golden, Julie, and Patti at the Golden Clinic. I started the HCG diet March 14th and have lost 60 pounds!!! I have tried every diet under the sun and was about to go in for a consult about the lap band procedure. I am so glad that I found The Golden Clinic. I went in for a consult with Julie and Patti and they were so informative and sweet!! They are there for moral support and for a ear to vent to when you hit a road block in your weight loss journey. I feel so much better about my body and even wore a two piece on a vacation with my husband. My co-workers, family, and friends are amazed with my results. I had read the previous post about the gentleman unsatisfied with the diet. You must do this diet exactly to see results. Once the pounds melt off, there is no looking back!!!

by lahami at Citysearch – 05/17/11

“Awesome Results”

It has been two weeks since I’ve had Lipo. I am very pleased with my results and I am still a little swollen. To my surprise I have lost 4 inches in just two weeks. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling when I left the office. The staff is great!!! They make you feel like they really care and that’s always important. I love my results! THANK YOU Golden Clinic!!!!

by millerrenata at Citysearch – 04/09/11

“Best of the best”

I had liposuction done about 3 months with Dr. Robert Golden. I`ve wanted to have liposuction for about 5 years now, but I was very scared to put my body in hands of a stranger. I swore if I ever did it I would get the best of the best. I believe I found that in Dr.golden. He is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who was able to give me a body of my dreams. I have curvs now, something I`ve always dreamed of. I feel very sexy and beaultiful! I am very thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by vivimarlo at Citysearch – 04/09/11


Dr. Golden is a wonderful doctor! Very talented, listened to my concerns and hopes, and very detail oriented. Dr. golden and his staff were very attentive, warm, accessible, and caring trough the entire process. It has only been 20 days since my surgery and I am overjoyed with my new look. As the swelling goes down each day, I see my perfect breast, just as I had envisioned.